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    Captain-Aid & Potential Captain-Aid

    Welcome Captain-Aid & Potential Captain-Aid


              Within this short directory you will gain the best of understanding as to exactly what a Captain-Aid is and the vital role played by such.


              For those of you that have an interest in becoming a NeWatch Captain-Aid, you may find it to be much easier than imagined and very rewarding.  We will begin by stating that a Captain-Aid is that one within the community that assist the Captain in taking charge and leading.  The Captain-Aid, along with their Captain and Volunteers, simply, do what any neighborhood watch program does, of which keeps crime to a minimum (if any) by making themselves aware of what is going on in the community.  The beauty of it all is that the Captain-Aid is not alone with the support of their Captain when such Captain utilizes our CAPTAIN Tracking Report to submit ongoing activities and suggestions.


                                                                                                                         That CAPTAIN Tracking Report is the key to our nationwide success.


              If you find yourself as someone that would like to stand up and become a Captain-Aid in your community, then simply complete the accompanying form and we will get back with you.  If more than enough Captain-Aids have already made submissions within your community then you will be notified to see if you care to hold a Volunteer position instead, of which is just as valuable and important.  As a Captain-Aid you must be 18 years of age or older.


              Last but not least, you will notice our JurisDictionary icon above and throughout our websites.  That icon will lead you to a method of protecting yourself in the court of law, in any and all situations, guaranteed.  At this time, however, we need for you to complete our form so that we may get you plugged into our NeWatch system so that you may begin to help make those changes of which you know should have been made long ago to make your community the paradise of which it was, truly, meant to be.