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    (MOHC)          (8) While seeing the security provided by NeWatch; who is profiting from it? (MOHC3D COMMUNICATIONS/MOHCtrust)          (9) Is there an age limit for any of the positions? (Captain/Captain-Aid/Volunteer)          (10) Is NeWatch associated with our goverment in

    any way? (FamWeB7/Qwag QwagKno/A Day For Maturity)

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                                                                                                                          (11) Is there any type of unifom needed if I am one of the active members? (MOHC3D COMMUNICATIONS)          (12) What happens when the law is needed?          (13) If we dicide that we do not like NeWatch; can we get out?          (14) There is already a neighbor watch program in my community; how would we benefit from NeWatch?


    Q's & A's

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    (1) What is NeWatch? (MOHC)          (2) How am I suppose to benefit from this program? (MOHC3D COMMUNICATIONS

    /Captain/Captain-Aid/Volunteer)          (3) Are there other people doing NeWatch?          (4) If I were to bring this to my community how would I inform others about it?         

    (5) Does it matter where I live?          (6) I am getting older and my neighborhood is becoming worse; what can I do? (Captain/Captain-Aid/Volunteer)          (7) Who runs NeWatch?