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    Potential NeWatch Citizen


    in your life and community begins the moment we have your Captain & Aid in position

    for now complete our short form so that you may provide your thoughts and desires

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    newatch citizen & Potential newatch citizen

    Welcome NeWatch Citizen & Potentials


              Within this short directory you will gain the best of understanding as to exactly what a NeWatch Citizen is.


              For those of you that have an interest in having their community become a NeWatch Community, you may find it to be much easier than imagined.  We will begin by stating that a NeWatch Citizen is one that lives in a NeWatch Community, of which benefits greatly from such presence.  While benefiting from the effort and labor of the Captain, the Captain-Aids and the Volunteers of which, simply, do what any neighborhood watch program does to keep crime to a minimum (if any), the NeWatch Citizen becomes the sole beneficiary of the peace of mind created.


              If you find yourself as someone that would like to have NeWatch in your in your community, then simply complete the accompanying form, with such desire, and we will get back with you.  Understand that your input will matter greatly and that of which is just as valuable and important as the Captain, Captain-Aid & Volunteer.


              Last but not least, you will notice our JurisDictionary icon above and throughout our websites.  That icon will lead you to a method of protecting yourself in the court of law, in any and all situations, guaranteed.  At this time, however, we need for you to complete our form so that we may get you plugged into our NeWatch system so that you may begin to benefit from it making your community the paradise of which it was, truly, meant to be.