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    These United States’ Politicians’ Contract



    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we must allow our

    desires to be, both, the Standard & Gauge.

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    Prior to the above action packed video truths of Trey, there was one of the finest historical video layouts of any President or Elect ever.  The video was removed by YouTube.

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                  Running for the office/position of _________________________________________________, in this city of ____________________________________________________, within the county of _________________________________________, within These United States of America, I, ____________________________________________, on this date of ____________________,  pledge to subordinate all my many preconceived thoughts, despite how strongly I feel, despite whether I believe with certainty or with reservation, for with external and internal confusions and illusions that accompany a power-based government, I honestly acknowledge that always reaching the proper decision is merely impossible.
                  In serving those wonderful citizens within my jurisdiction, I will adhere to the messages of my platform in order to help unleash the expected.  I fully understand the mechanics come down to consistently, always without exception, supporting the people of whom placed me into such position.  When stumbling blocks are encountered, the facts will be presented, not limited to the source of blockage, of which will have signed such same document of political honor.
                  Therefore, every decision I make — even if it goes against the very grain of my mind, heart, and soul — will be purely made based on serving the people.  I realize, in the end, that this very Contract and document will bring forth the honesty needed within our government. 
                  If I knowingly go against the principles of this contract for any decision for any reason whatsoever, or if I show a trend of “unknowingly” going against my platform, which is mostly self-evident, the people will immediately and publicly disown me and will no longer recognize me as such official.
                  I understand that when dishonesty, greed and the like, men and women, in control, can lead to anything, can take a country anywhere, even to the point where it becomes law to kill others, as we have seen around the world, throughout history.
                  I realize that with the many faults of ego, greed, envy, and innocent lack of knowledge as an official, that vulnerabilities must not control my actions, as it is such vulnerabilities and faults, that have always been a recipe for destruction. With such, I agree that this contract of protection must ultimately become the political point of origin, “the decision maker”, not man, not me.
                  Furthermore, I understand that my political decisions bound to this contract will effectively minimize political crime and eventually crime within our populations.  I acknowledge that all candidates running for office, appointed to office, or serving in any way must sign below to abide by The United States’ Politicians’ Contract, for every decision, in quest of representing, “We The People.”  Indeed, we the politicians, officials and those appointed must completely commit ourselves to The United States’ Politicians’ Contract, today via this very contract; we must deliver this to law, in the least, to our Federal government via an Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which would act as the overarching de facto Constitution of America.  In conclusion, and with no exceptions, I agree that this contract and such law means permanent change for the better.

    As an example of what These United States' Politicians' Contract & Act would do for America, see more of Trey's actions against corruption and bad government.  Image your elected and appointed officials fighting for you like this from the President of These United States all the way down to the Dog Catcher.

    Imagine That

    Within this movement, take these documents and transform them into the reality of which you know, deep down inside, that YOU truly deserve.

    TriWitness Assembly / Full Name & Signature

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    America  Stand                 

    These United States’ Politicians’ Contract


    Trey does not endorse the contract or this website... just some good information of which you need.

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    Honorable Citizens of These Great United States of America;
    Within These United States of America, as with our Fellow Global Citizens, we each would agree that the purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.  Be it a United States citizen, or any other, we would also agree that the purpose of government should be to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose, of human life.
    As a result of this past Presidential Election, we are now position to make that needed change of which will advance us as a people, as each of us know that life can be better.  If we have the proper leadership, we will move.  In this case, the people will move with or without the Commander In Chief, because this is a movement.
    As a pre-runner to a very powerful and beautiful movement/advancement, you are now being presented with Phase I.  Within Phase I, we will speak as one voice and on one vital topic.  The topic is based on the concept of us controlling ourselves as leaders.  Dishonesty has placed us in the position of which we are.  It is Dishonesty of which must be removed from us as a people, beginning with our leaders and representatives.
    The enclosed proposal works two ways.  If our Commander in Chief is set on the messages of which he delivered as both a candidate and elect, then we will provide him with both the tool and the protection.  If our leadership is true, then they are going to need our support.  As a result of doing this, we will be seeding a leadership future of which will forbid the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.  With that, no person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.  Basically, force would be morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate such law.  No exceptions would exist.
    The United States’ Politicians’ Contract, will give our leadership the ability to control those elected and appointed.  While being this power tool, it gives each citizen a scale of which to weigh the results.  Upon becoming an Act/Law, it would automatically apply to each and every elected and/or appointed official.



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    2016, 2017 & BEYOND

    These United States’ Politicians’ Contract

    These United States of America’s

    Politicians' Contract

    & Politicians' Contract Act

    to help correct the ways of a nation that has gone astray


    These United States of America’s

    Politicians' Contract

    & Politicians' Contract Act

    While this contract is only a concept, it will take the nation to help make it become reality - and it can with our Commander In Chief's recommendation.  It is your duty to encourage him to recommend it.  At this time, it is of request that you utilize the form, just here below, to show your support and share your opinion.  It is also important that you share this information with as many family and friends as possible.  Upon completing the form, you will be provided with some very vital information of which will give you, your loved ones and this nation even greater empowerment.


    Signature & TriWitnessed Date

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           You may enjoy listening to Trey, above, as his demonstrates what it means to have a heart of working for the people and acting in honesty.

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    For The Official Office Of;

    These United States’ Politicians’ Contract

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